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  1. The Sarpanitum /Mithras connection was always strong, and now that link is even stronger as Macy plays drums on the band’s long awaited second album (warming up for the impending Mithras return it appears), and while Sarpanitum has evolved a little, and the album is damn strong in its own right, the Mithras tone is even stronger than before.
  2. SARPANITUM blessed be my brothers. Willowtip [WT] CD $ Description "Blessed Be My Brothers" is the remarkable new full-length from Birmingham, UK's Sarpanitum. A glorious blend of traditional death metal, blackened guitar riffs, and melodic .
  3. Sarpanitum pour l'album "Blessed Be My Brothers" Entretien avec Tom Hyde () It's been 4 years since Fidelium and 8 years since your first album Despoilment of Origin, after which Sarpanitum has been a duo of musicians.
  4. They also featured on the Zero Tolerance Magazine Cover CD Issue Jan/Feb After this period of performing live Sarpanitum recorded there upcoming album "Blessed Be My Brothers" with their reinvigorated studio line up including Leon Macey (MITHRAS) on drums to ensure that extreme, fast and inspirational drumming are present on the record.
  5. Album Rating: K well facetious or not a lot of shit you say against metal and it's fans is stupid I'm just trying to be a voice of metal reason but if someone calls you out I'd bet a good portion of money that you'd back away and pretend you were being sarcastic.
  6. Sarpanitum - Blessed Be My Brothers Album Lyrics; 1. Blessed Be My Brothers: 2. By Virtuous Reclamation: 3. Glorification Upon the Powdered Bones of the Sundered Dead: 4. I Defy For I Am Free: 5. Malek al-Inkitar: 6. Thy Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished: 7. Truth.
  7. But while playing influence whack-a-mole with this album is fun, it doesn't remotely convey the titanic physical presence that SARPANITUM brings to bear. Blessed Be My Brothers sports a combination of flashy speed and sheer power more commonly seen in blue-chip NFL defensive ends and 21st century war machines; it is a dazzling, mind-melting.

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